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About Rainbow Abroad

About Rainbow Abroad: The prominent educational consultancy affiliated with the World’s top Universities is strongly devoted to attributing implausible educational opportunities to study abroad. Rainbow plays a strong forefront role in supporting every student seeking education abroad to accomplish the greatest future. 

Rainbow envisioned facilitating desired and deserved students expending transparency over abroad education, the right choice for a bright future. Rainbow offers exquisite services that enhance the best interest of the students and create a Global platform to learn the essence of education to its merits. 

We partnered with prestigious global universities and Institutions of the world creating top-notch opportunities for our students shaping young minds to gain Wisdom. Rainbow Abroad is the best and “Unique destination to resolve your every trouble” in seeking education abroad. We take every minute detail of your educational journey right from advice in selection to application, enrolment, visa procedures, and traveling to your preferred destinations. 

An expert-qualified team enunciates all crucial factors motivating you to make the right choices depicting your entire life and future career. Rainbow yields you with that powerful weapon of outstanding education changing your entire life and leading you through extensive knowledge essential to the dynamics of the current education sector. 

The extensive knowledge of our proficient counselors delivers ever-valuable insights offering great insights in educational, ethnic, and economic solutions to the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. Rainbow extends its complete assistance right from Career counseling, country /university choice, enrolment process, Scholarships, Educational loans, pre, and post-departure orientations, visa assistance, travel acquaintance, foreign exchange, and all other services needed at EVERY STEP OF YOUR HIGHER EDUCATION.

Why Rainbow Abroad

“Education is the powerful weapon that leads you towards change”—If you fear and drop out you choose to lose your perfect career. Choosing the right college paves the way for your entire life that you aspire to accomplish.

Great success never comes easy, you need to overcome every hurdle to successfully achieve what you WISH and DESERVE. To get bright ideas out of experience ultimately needs a purposeful educational experience. 

Here at Rainbow Abroad, our expert counselors provide you with essential information to chase after your dream career abroad.


Abroad education is not exorbitant assumed by most it can be achieved with a perfect plan of action, depicting your entire career development. To accomplish your desired destination, you need one PARTNER who can counsel and guide you to the accurate institution you deserve. 

The lack of a great counselor to direct the confused young souls will lead to unfortunate failures. We fit right into the role to LEAD, COUNSEL, GUIDE, MOTIVATE, and MONITOR you till you successfully reach your DESIRED and DESERVED DESTINY.

  • An excellent educational consultancy that could guide you in every respect.
  • Top educational consultancy recognized for its outstanding performance and support.
  • Quality assurance as to the best consultancy service provider.
  • Great career counseling and support to students seeking abroad education.
  • Experienced professional counselors guiding through every difficulty.
  •  One-stop destination to get accurate and reliable information.