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Georgia is a part of the Caucasus region located at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. The country is spread over 69,700 kilometers bounded by the Black Sea to the west, Russia to the north and eastern parts, and Turkey and Armenia countries to the southern side. 4.01 million populations of Georgia are governed by a Unitary parliamentary republic elected through the governing bodies of representative democracy.

About Georgia

Capital CityTbilisi
Total area69,700 km2
Official languagesGeorgian, Abkhazian
CurrencyGeorgian Lari
ReligionsChristianity (majority)
GovernmentA unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
President at presentSalome Zurbishvili
Total population4.01 million
Time variation to India1 hr. 30 mnts behind to IST

83.4% of Georgians follow the Georgian Orthodox Church, 10.7% are Muslims, 2.9% are Armenian Apostolic and 3% follow other religions. Georgia consists of 9 regions, 1 city, and 2 autonomous independent republics in total, which again are subdivided into 67 districts and 12 self-governing cities. Georgia was first described in history through the proto-Georgian tribe’s appearance during the 12th century BC. 

Georgians are most fond of verification techniques that found evidence since 8000 years of archeological proofs. Prior to the 12th century, Georgians were ruled by several dynasties and kingdoms like Liberia, the Roman Republic, the kingdom of Abkhazia and so. 

The 12th and 13th centuries are the most notable period in the Kingdom of Georgia reigning to its zeniths of success. 1800 Georgia was incorporated into the Russian Empire later in 1917 after the Russian Revolution the Transcaucasia Democratic Federative Republic was established consisting of three regions: Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Later in 1921 Soviet Union occupied the country until its collapse in 1991, later Georgia declared independence on April 9, 1991.

Indian Embassy in Georgia

Embassy of India at present situated in Yerevan, Armenia is concurrently accredited to Georgia. All Indian citizens wishing to study or visit Georgia should consult this embassy for any related queries and support. Currently, the Embassy of India, Yerevan, Armenia is located at 50/2, India Street, Yerevan-0016, Armenia, which will be open from 0900 to 1730 hours from Monday to Friday. You can directly go through this link for more information https://eoiyerevan.gov.in/.

MBBS in Georgia

MBBS in Georgia is a magnificent opportunity for medical aspirants intending to fulfill their heartfelt ambitions of medical education. Most of the medical aspirants in India who are unable to acquire a medical seat are willing to study medicine abroad. The handiness of plenty of countries offering affordable medical education benefitted a maximum number of students to transform their lives from an aspirant to practitioners. Georgia recently has emerged as one of the dream destinations for students willing to pursue the best medical education abroad.

MBBS in Georgia excellent opportunity to learn world-class medical education igniting unwavering commitment, and training with passion, for those who deserve to improve the social healthcare system. Georgian Medical Universities promote the world’s best medical practices delivering people-centered, knowledge-driven teaching, and true healthcare training to indoctrinate ethical stewardship. Studying at Georgian Medical University ranked top among the European universities inclines as a blessing to every medical aspirant.

Georgia is a 100% literacy country that achieved the best feat by providing mandatory education to all its citizens below the age of 13 years. Schooling was made obligatory and free to its citizens encouraging their education including higher education.

Most of the Georgian Universities offers both MBBS and MD courses as it follows both the European and American medical education system. Students can join any of these courses as per their preference.

Glimpse on Studying MBBS in Georgia

Course NameMBBS and MD
Total Duration of the Course5 + 1 yr Internship
IntakeMarch and September
Eligibility requirement10+ 2 (With 50% PCB in + 2)
NEET requirementQualification required
Any entrance requirementNO
IELTS / TOEFL requirementNO
Medium of InstructionEnglish
Recognition of Medical CourseNMC, WHO, UNESCO, WDOMS, WFME, FAIMER and so
Total course fee2.5 lakhs — 5 lakhs per year depending on the University or College chosen
Cost of livingRs. 11 to 16 thousand / month
Hostel availabilityAvailable at affordable fee Rs. 13,000 to 16,000 per month

Why Study MBBS in Georgia?

Georgia is a gorgeous city with ancient charm packed with beautiful snow mountains, lush nature, delicious food, and the best hospitality. The most interesting factor that attracts most international students to join Georgian Universities for their higher education is the 100% literacy accomplishment composed with world prominent universities cultivating inspiring leaders of science, arts, and specifically Medicine. Every year thousands of students across the world voyage to study MBBS in Georgia, more than 1/3rd of them are Indian students pursuing their Medical courses.


Benefits of Studying MBBS in Georgia

The factors that are enticing more Indian medical aspirants towards Georgian medical colleges are:

  • No Entrance Examination
  • No capitation fee
  • World recognized Medical Degree
  • English Medium of teaching
  • World’s top medical university’s
  • High-quality European standards of Education
  • Merit scholarships for extraordinary students
  • Educational loan facilities
  • Affordable Fee structure
  • Indian food availability
  • Low cost of living and Hostel facility in all medical colleges
  • Easily to adapt climatic conditions mostly matching Indian climates
  • Work and study options in European countries
  • NMC, WHO, UNESCO recognized medical universities
  • Great learning opportunities with practical and research-oriented methods
  • Well equipped, latest advanced technology operated laboratories and teaching aids
  • Best accommodation facilities with a safe and secure environment
  • Tasty and authentic Indian food available in Hostels as well as in university canteens
  • Simple admission and enrolment procedures
  • Hassle-free visa procedures and the best international transport facilities with reasonable prices
  • Can avail of up to 50% discount on transportation for all international students

Eligibility to Study MBBS in Georgia

Studying MBBS in Georgia is a very feasible opportunity compared with countries offering MBBS abroad such as the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, and so on, as it requires quality to qualify for entrance examinations specific for those countries like NEET in India to get admission. No language tests like IELTS, TOEFL, or local language exams are needed to study MBBS in Georgia. Eligibility criteria for Georgian universities are very simple such as,

  • Students must complete 17 years of age or above before the end of the admission year
  • 50% PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) marks are a must in their 12th standard (10+2 format) studying from any regular board examinations
  • Students must study in English medium
  • NEET qualification is a must to apply for a license in India after course completion

Essential Documents for Admission of MBBS in Georgia

Countries and Colleges might have varied admission/enrolment procedures, nonetheless, the documentation required for the same is more or less similar which may include all original documents of:

  • Birth Certificate
  • S.S.C marks memo
  • Intermediate/12th /+2 marks memo
  • Migration /Transfer /School leaving Certificate
  • NEET scorecard
  • Passport
  • Passport-size photos
  • Bank statements
  • NOC from parents
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Statement of purpose
  • Medical Certificates          

Course Duration

MBBS and MD courses’ duration are similar and are 6 years in total including the final year valid Internship. Students that have finished their 6 years of MBBS in Georgia of both courses either MBBS or European system or MD of US system have to qualify for the NEXT examination to get a valid license in India to practice medicine.

Medium of Teaching

Nonetheless, in the Georgian language, all medical universities in Georgia’s teaching mode of instruction are in English only. Students can experience diverse cultures and languages global exposure and the best medical research-based training prospect.

NMC And WHO Recognized Universities/Colleges

Fee Structure for MBBS in Georgia

Note: Tuition Fees mentioned for the Universities per year are subject to changes as per the Euro exchange rate, students should consider the same carefully as it is on approximate calculations on the average rate of exchange.

Top Universities to Study MBBS in Georgia


Yes. NMC, WHO, UNESCO, and other major agencies recognized the MBBS course of Georgian Medical universities which is 100% valid in India and across the world. Any student who has finished their course in Georgian medical universities can practice medicine globally after getting a valid license from the local government agencies.

Most of the Georgian Medical Universities offer MBBS courses following the European education system few of them also offer MD courses like the US medical system. Both courses are valid and the students can practice in both geographical areas after their course completion.

As per the previous year’s admissions, more than 3000 Indian students are studying in various medical colleges of Georgia. Approximately 1000 students migrate every year to study medicine in Georgia.

Most of the Georgian Universities offer very affordable fees ranging from 2,5 lakhs per year to 8 lakhs per year. The course fee depends on the choice of the University or the college that the students preferred to study their medical course.

Any student that has completed their 17 years and qualified in a 10+2 pattern of education with a minimum of 50% PCB in Intermediate / 12th. NEET qualification is mandatory for those students that are willing to get a valid license from NMC to practice medicine in India after their course. But the same is not mandatory to study medicine in Georgian Universities.

Most of the Georgian Universities follow the European system but few also follow both the US and European-based curriculums.